Overview of the Prime Zone (in Quickspin)

In Quickspin’s newest release, we’re transported back to Las Vegas during its heyday, when the city was synonymous with hedonism and the reckless spending of one’s life savings. Nearly endless enjoyment may be found within the smokey rooms and opulent halls of any and all superstructures amid the scorching desert heat. To some extent, Prime Zone brings this home. However, a sense of familiarity is also there, since Prime Zone resembles classic Quickspin slot machines in many respects.

The reels are organized in a simple fashion. Prime Zone is a slot machine featuring 10 paylines, 5 reels, and a typical return to player percentage of 96.28% (38.36%) in the regular mode and 57.92% in the free spins bonus. The gameplay is pretty easy as well and focuses primarily on multipliers, which may combine to great effect, to deliver all the action. As play progresses, you’ll obtain multiplier wilds, which increase the multiplier value in direct proportion to the amount of wilds on a payline. These wilds may be used to multiply line wins by as much as 4x during the free spins bonus round. This game may be played from 10 cents up to 100€ per spin across all platforms, and its volatility ranges from medium to high depending on whatever bonus game you want to play.

Prime Zone looks and feels like vintage Las Vegas. The background has silhouetted palm trees and skyscrapers against a vibrant purple sky while an upbeat rendition of the Joker Strike music plays in the background. In a golden casing, the standard playing card suits coexist with bells, diamonds, blue sevens, and red sevens on the reels. The latter is the most lucrative, paying out fifty times your wager for five on a full payline. As you’ll see, the wild symbol is the most important since it may replace any other symbol except the scatter to increase your chances of winning.

Quickspin’s Best (Prime Zone): Extras

The Multiplier Wild symbol is the game’s wild card and can appear on any reel. These wilds are fantastic since the multiplier grows in direct proportion to the amount of wilds on a given payline. So for example, 3 wilds occurring on a single payline will offer you a 3x multiplier. In the standard game, the maximum win is 250 times your stake if you land a wild line with a 5x multiplier.

These wilds shine even brighter in the Free Spins bonus round triggered by the appearance of three bonus scatter symbols anywhere on the middle three reels. You get 7 free spins and may pick from four different bonuses, from no risk to high risk. Here are your available choices:

Option 1 has a medium volatility and all winnings are multiplied by 1, and three wild symbols appear at random in the zone encompassing reels 1, 2, and 3.

Option 2 has a medium level of volatility, and all wins are multiplied by 2 whenever a wild symbol appears in the zone encompassing reels 2, 3, and 4.

High volatility option 3 adds 3 wild symbols to the zone encompassing reels 3, 4, and 5 at random and multiplies all winnings by 3.

Option 4: the zone increases your wins by a factor of between 1x and 4x, and its volatility varies from spin to spin.

Keep in mind that these multipliers are in addition to the multipliers for winnings on active paylines; this means that, with the Mystery Shifting bonus activated, you can potentially earn as much as a thousand times your wager on a single play. The game’s perceived strength is greatly exaggerated by this.

Quickspin (Top): The Verdict Is In

Visually and mathematically, Prime Zone is reminiscent of the old Quickspin we all know and love. It’s also more simpler than many of the previous releases, including the immensely ambitious Ivan and the Immortal King, Divine Dreams, and Hall of the Mountain King. Considering this, it’s refreshing to see Quickspin return to a more basic format. However, the minimal rewards were a major letdown for us. Recreational players won’t be turned off by the minor basic game victories since they’ll be too wrapped up in the game’s compelling action, but veterans may find them discouraging and tedious.

Turns out, things don’t improve much in the free spins feature, however, with Quickspin’s 100 billion spins yielding a maximum win of just 2685,5x. While this is by no means the lowest maximum win we’ve seen on a slot machine, and a lower max win should theoretically offer you a more realistic opportunity to win big since the winnings may be dispersed over a greater number of players, it’s still not enough to satisfy serious gamblers who get a thrill out of chasing monster jackpots. Therefore, Prime Zone is a game that will either appeal to you or frustrate you, depending on your play style.






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